How to make a battery with ash

How to make a battery with ash?

                               All analog and digital watches require 1.5V mostly we can produce the voltage between 1.4 and 1.5V battery by simple equipment.

Components required:
  1. Glass Beaker or Plastic bottle
  2.  Aluminum plate and Copper plate
  3. Fly ash or charcoal
  4. wire
  5. wall clock
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           Well! Take a Beaker and place the Fly ash into it 3/4  of the bottle is filled with ash and remained a portion of the Bottle is filled with water. When fitting the two metal plates inside the ash the wire connected by both plates. Here the Voltage produced. change the ash for every week that gives you good output.

        Here the produced voltage is equal to the electric potential difference between the two plates. This difference is to produce the voltage. This voltage used to operate Wall Clocks and others. Here Fly ash acted as a porous material to resist the flow of electrons in the battery it increase lifetime.

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