The marvellous inventor who mess with AC current

The marvellous inventor who mess with AC current

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         We do our works in the night time even better than morning because we have the huge powered lights they are given more power and change midnight to the bright sunny day look. All credits go to the famous inventor who creates the bulb Thomas Alva Edison. He created more than 1300 inventions in his lifetime most of them manufactured by his own factory. Edison always becomes popular and rich in his native. Meantime Nicolas Tesla who invented the coils that leads the invention of AC current that people wanted that technology. Edison becomes down, his dc current becomes Non-familiar people confused which one is better. Nicolas Tesla, not a normal person he invented wireless transmission before Marconi. 

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                         The fight between the two current become serious. Edison burned an Elephant with 6600 volts of AC current to prove that AC current is dangerous. The burning Elephant is captured by his camera. At the end of the year 1903, He released the movie Electrocuting The Elephant. Comparatively, Edison invented more things than Tesla. But all the gadgets are not used by mankind. Tesla created minimal things but they all mostly used in everyday life for example coil.

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