How much amount of oxygen needed for a Space mission?

Normal People can survive a week without food. One can survive more than a day without water. Without oxygen, it is hard to survive for more than 2 minutes. There is some exception takes place. Aleix Segura who holds the world record for holding the breath for 24 minutes and 3 sec. It's higher than the average run time of Young Sheldon Series(18-21 min). know more about the breath Healthline

So how much Oxygen we need?

An average adult can consume around 6 to 8 litres per minute. So, a person consumes more than 11000-litre air per day. We know that the air consists of around 21% of the air. Exhaled air consists of around 15%. From adding and subtracting we get 0.84kg of oxygen per year.

From the data of number persons, the total amount of oxygen consumption calculated. Assume that 4 persons travelling to the 30-day space mission. Each one of them consumes 0.84kg of oxygen. Four persons consume 4 x 0.84kg = 3.36kg roundoff value is 4kg per day. From this, we can say the total amount of oxygen required for this mission is 120kg.

Always keeping a little bit more is a good sign. The total amount of oxygen solely depends on the number of persons and the total period of the mission. Did you know how much amount of oxygen where Space X used while the Dragon space mission? Comment below.

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