Importance of Homeschooling| Why we need Homeschooling?


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    Homeschooling is the progressive movement parents from all over the world thinking to switch their traditional educational system. Homeschooling is not like online learning or online classes they follow different type educational systems than other. For example, Online learning methods also contain the same traditional education methods include tests, assignments, etc. But in the Homeschooling students treated and educated by the parent. Each student individually learns from the parents. In all states of the United States and other countries allows Homeschooling. They have a National Home Educational Research institute to improve the education system of every student.

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What's Homeschooling?

     Homeschooling is one of the educational methods that help students to improve their education from their parents. They do not need to go to any school and no need to waiting for weekends.

     From the late 1970s, Parents from all over the world initiated the Homeschooling method. When students dissatisfied with the traditional educational system or religious education or cultural issues tends to rise this education system. Parents teach their children on their own rather than allowing them to learn from traditional school. Some people think this doesn't work well. Don't forget the Edison he studied from home education. 

Benefits of Homeschooling:

     Homeschooling improves the educational strength of the student. Learning from home is easier for children than studying from strange places. Also, a flexible timetable always frees the mind, and no need to waste tears every morning at 8:30. Each year the Homeschooling students rate in the US increasing high. 

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Flexible time table:

     In traditional time table in schools works for the entire school students or in the best case it works for a particular class. But, in Homeschooling, the parent can able to create an individual time table for each child. The time table changes for the student's interest. For example, Let a parent have two children, one child interested in doing science projects and another child interested in drawing. Based on their interest, a parent can increase the schedule for the interest things and reduce the time on noninterested subjects.

Things to do us a parent in Homeschooling:

     All over the USA, parents don't require an educational degree to start Homeschooling their children. There are no specific rules in many places. Some of the states have their guidelines. Better know about your state guidelines before starting Homeschooling. Parents need to be friends with their children. Make them enjoy the education, learning process, questioning skills. Answer their questions and motivate them to ask questions, treats as an accomplishment helps them to improve. 

Is it works?

     A lot of people think about Homeschooling is bad for student's education. But recent studies proved that the middle school Homeschoolers get the 85 percentile of passing percentage, whereas the traditional students got only 50 percentile. Although Homeschoolers got some benefits in some subjects, they don't know some others.

How many countries in the world allow Homeschooling?

     More than 60% of the world countries allow Homeschooling. Some of the countries allow some strict restrictions. Countries like Greenland, Brazil and Saudi Arabia strictly avoids this. Countries like India, Suriname and Botswana allow Homeschooling, but there's no proper regulatory board to control this Education system.

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