What is the difference between mega animals and mutant animals?


Mega Animals:

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Mega Animals or Mega Fauna are also known as big animals. Animals are considered huge by observing with the naked eye are comes under this category. There are a lot of examples like elephants, giraffes, bison, hippos, whales and many more. Always mammals only have the chance to appear in this list.

There are a lot of Mega Animals that ruled this planet in ancient times. Some of those animal skeletons alone are enough to scare us. But the cave people of that time used to live with those animals and share their lives. Later they started ruling them.

Brontotherium. Nobu Tamura

From animals like elephants' ancestors to mammoth-sized turtles some massive animals roamed this world. See some images below for a better understanding.


Mutated Animals:

Mutated is not like you see in X-Men movies. Here mutated is slightly different. Animals are born with some physical conditions; usually, that physical condition is not useful for them at all. 


For example, six-legged Cows and two-headed snakes are known mutated animals. Here the extra legs and heads on these animals do not help them. Some mutated animals mostly have less lifespan than usual.

Also, animals mutation changes their usual colour. White Lion and black tigers are some examples.

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