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Science With Fun Blog first started its journey in the year 2018. First-year we got only a hundred views for just single-digit posts. After the preceding year, the blog increases its growth with its own pace. We provide valuable and unique posts. We develop every day and learning something new with you. The motive for this blog is providing good quality science and technology-related contents. Also, providing the notes and books for preparing exams like NET and GATE(initially for physics only than we develop that). 

About the Youtube Channel:

Science With Fun YouTube channel provides valuable science and technology-related videos in the native language Tamil. We strongly agree to the word of Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam "Invention rate will increase when students learn science in their native language" (like Japan, Germany, Korea teaches their science and other major subjects in their native language).

We work hard to provide different and unique videos for you. Share these videos if you like.

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